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가게 이름으로 후원하는 사장님   
착한 가게를 이용하는 손님 

어서 오세요!   
여기는 세상을 밝히는 착한 가게들이 모인 곳,  

가게/회사를 운영하고 있어요

호구와트 입학하기

착한 소비에 관심 있어요

호구와트 맵 보기


01 | 꽃값하는가게 신청하기

코인트리와 함께 '꽃값하는가게'

코인트리 '꽃값하는가게'는 가게/회사 이름으로 멕시코 빈민 가정과 아이들의 보건의료지원을 정기후원하는 착한 가게입니다.

사장님, 대표님,

사람 살리는 일에 함께해 주시고

내 가게의 멋짐을

고객들에게 자랑해 보세요.

지금 코인트리 '꽃값하는가게'가 되어

​돈쭐 나세요!


정기후원 1만 원 이상 신청이 가능합니다.

​굿즈 배송을 위해 휴대폰번호, 주소를 꼭 입력해 주세요.


02 | 꽃값하는가게 등록하기

'꽃값하는가게' 혜택

내 가게/회사의 선한 영향력은 

제발 널리 알려 주세요! 

가게 매력을 어필하는 굿즈 세트도 받아보시고, 코인트리에게 가게 홍보 지원도 신청하세요. 

또 최고의 꽃값하는가게 사장님은 (연 1회, 1명) 

코인트리 멕시코 현장으로 모십니다! 

(숙박권 + 5박 항공권 지원) 

착한 가게 사장님/대표님이 되어 더 행복하시고, 넘치는 행복은 또 아이들에게 나눠 주세요. 

코인트리는 함께 하는 '꽃값하는가게'와  

​상생하는 데에 진심입니다. 


굿즈 배송, 홍보 페이지 등록은 첫 후원금 출금 후 1개월 이내 진행됩니다.  

홍보 신청하기, 첫 후원금 출금이 모두 완료되어야 홍보 페이지에 등록됩니다. 

03 | 참고해 주세요
  • Is there a  restriction  in the 'Flower Price Shop' industry?
    No, no limits! Even if it's not a store, even private businesses without hospitals, academies, or stores You can apply for 'Flower Price Shop'.
  • How are donations from 'Flower Price Shop' used?
    It is used for health care support* for poor families and children in Mexico. (*medicine and treatment support, disease prevention health education, clinic operation, Fund for the establishment of Sarang Flower Hospital, a secondary comprehensive medical institution in the future) Cointree uses more than 80% of donations for on-site activities Monthly financial report through which the use of donations is transparent. Disclosure. We will become a Cointree that does not forget to cherish the precious hearts you have sent us.
  • Can I get a tax-beneficial donation receipt ?
    Yes, of course you can. In the case of an individual entrepreneur, even if you apply as an individual (president/representative), you can receive a donation deduction when reporting global income tax. In the case of a corporate business, if you apply and pay as a business (organization), we will issue a donation receipt. For flower shoppers, we plan to send donation receipts by e-mail every year before filing a global income tax return. (Be sure to check your resident registration number or business number, address, and email address!)
  • (In case of an individual entrepreneur) Can an individual apply?
    Yes, you can! You can apply for sponsorship in the name of the CEO/President. 1. When applying for sponsorship, please set the 'sponsor information' to 'individual' 2. Even if you register the payment method as 'individual', You can use your personal donation receipt to receive a deduction when filing your global income tax return. 3. When registering the payment method as 'business', use the personal business bankbook If you opened with the representative/president's resident registration number, go to 'Individual' If you opened with a business registration number, please set it as 'Business (organization)' If you are a business (group) city, please click 'Written/Record' to fill out the written application form and send it by e-mail The simplest way is to use 'credit card payment' as a private business :)
  • I want to make a temporary sponsorship in the name of a store/company.
    I love you! 'Flower Price Shop' is a regular sponsor, but By the name of the store/company or representative/president or with employees You can make a temporary donation at any time. | Temporary Sponsorship Information 💙For sponsors in Korea: Temporarily support 💚For overseas sponsors: Temporarily support< /p>
  • When is registration on the goods delivery/promotion page?
    1. Goods set* will be sent within 1 month of the first donation withdrawal. (*Comes with door sticker, good shop certificate (nameplate), wobbler, cointree brochure & postcard) 2. Registration on the promotion page will be done within 1 month after the first withdrawal of donation. Please note that the delivery date of the goods differs depending on the donation withdrawal date (1st/20th) set by the sponsor, and delivery/registration will occur only after the first donation withdrawal is completed. | Contact us 📞 070-8161-1220 (Cointree main number) 💌 withyou@cointreekorea.org or DM me on Cointree Instagram (@cointreekorea)
  • I have a question regarding store information change/sponsorship.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions while applying for or sponsoring 'Flower Price Shop'! Even if it's a little late, I'll answer honestly. Thank you for being with Cointree in saving lives Thank you very much! | Contact us 📞 070-8161-1220 (Cointree main number) 💌 withyou@cointreekorea.org or DM me on Cointree Instagram (@cointreekorea)


세상을 밝히는 착한 가게들이 모인 곳,  
코인트리 호구와트입니다. 

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